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Dunlop American Elite - V-Twin Touring

Black Wall
Black Wall
Narrow White Wall
Wide White Wall

Dunlop’s American Elite is the only aftermarket tyre line for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that is designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Key Benefits:

  • The American Elite delivers enhanced tyre mileage thanks to an MT Multi-Tread rear tyre compound that incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tyre, along with a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder for great handling.
  • NEW Dunlop’s 2nd Generation American Elite is the premier aftermarket choice for Harley-Davidson riders in search of tyres that deliver extended tread wear.
  • Sidewall design proudly features the American Elite name, Made-in-U.S.A. logo, and Multi-Tread Logo.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and sidewall styles, including black, narrow-white-sidewall and wide-white-sidewall.

B = Belted Construction BW = Black Sidewall
NWS = Narrow White Sidewall MWW = Medium White Sidewall WWW = Wide White Sidewall

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 2nd Generation American Elite
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Stock information for Dunlop American Elite - V-Twin Touring

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
478.0833 130/90-16 B 73H AMERICAN ELITE REAR $ 259.74 Find a dealer
478.0834 130/90-16B Front American Elite WWW 67H $ 349.60 Find a dealer
478.1035 MU85HB16 AMERICAN ELITE BSW REAR $ 332.75 Find a dealer
478.10991 180/65-16B American Elite BSW 81H Multi-Tread $ 373.37 Find a dealer
478.10992 180/65-16B American Elite NWS 81H Multi-Tread $ 425.36 Find a dealer
478.10993 180/65-16B American Elite WWW 81H Multi-Tread $ 400.14 Find a dealer
478.2032 130/80-17B Front American Elite BSW 65H $ 321.37 Find a dealer
478.2033 130/80-17B Front American Elite NW (Narrow White Stripe) 65H $ 356.62 Find a dealer
478.2075 140/75-17R American Elite Front BSW 67V $ 352.55 Find a dealer
478.2276 160/70-17V AMERICAN ELITE BSW $ 352.40 Find a dealer
478.2451 200/55-17R American Elite 78V BSW Multi Tread $ 414.18 Find a dealer
478.3289 180/55-18HB AMERICAN ELITE BSW $ 352.40 Find a dealer
478.3297 240/40-18R AMERICAN ELITE BSW $ 384.70 Find a dealer
478.3812 130/60-19 H American Elite 61H BSW Front $ 309.15 Find a dealer
478.3951 MH90-21 American Elite BW 54H $ 248.56 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight