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Dunlop Application Chart - Off Road

Choosing the right tyre:

Determine the overall track conditions including the starting line.

  • If the conditions vary from hard-packed to loose loam, you’ll likely want a versatile tyre like Dunlop’s MX33.
  • For medium-hard terrain, the MX52 is your best choice.
  • For deep sand or mud, Dunlop’s MX11 or MX12 is the tyre of choice – the MX12 rear and MX33 front are a popular combination for many pro riders on sandy tracks.
  • If the ground has a cushion to it, rutted with soft berms, you’ll need the MX33 that will penetrate through the loose soil.
  • Let the dominant condition dictate your choice after considering the start section.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix off-road tyre patterns front and rear to feel more comfortable.


For more information,refer the Geomax Terrain Chart below (under "more information").

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