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Dunlop D402 - Harley Davidson Touring models

Dunlop Harley-Davidson® Series - Touring models

  • The approved tyre for Harley-Davidson® touring models – why go touring with anything else?
  • Computer-optimised tread profile for rider confidence over slippery surfaces while reducing cupping for even wear
  • Three-ply polyester casing with two fibreglass belts, for greater load-carrying capacity and stability
  • Available in Black, Single White or Wide White sidewalls

B = Belted Construction   BW = Black Sidewall
SW = Single White Sidewall   MWW = Medium White Sidewall    WWW = Wide White Sidewall 

*Please see below for important information for D402 Police Tyre (PT) and fitment to Harley-Davidson models.

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 Dunlop Stockists

Stock information for Dunlop D402 - Harley Davidson Touring models

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
478.0870 MT90HB16 D402 SWS (Slim White Stripe) HD BRANDED Rear $ 363.15 Find a dealer
478.0880 MT90HB16 D402 BSW REAR HD BRANDED $ 322.65 Find a dealer
478.0882 MT90HB16 D402 BSW REAR PT type NOT HD branded $ 309.15 Find a dealer
478.0885 MT90HB16 D402 WWW REAR HD BRANDED $ 379.76 Find a dealer
478.0900 MT90HB16 D402F BSW FRONT HD BRANDED $ 295.65 Find a dealer
478.0910 MT90HB16 D402F SWS (Slim White Stripe) HD BRANDED $ 353.16 Find a dealer
478.0930 MT90HB16 D402F WWW HD BRANDED $ 359.10 Find a dealer
478.1025 MU85HB16 D402 BSW REAR $ 374.63 Find a dealer
478.1027 MU85HB16 D402 SWS (Slim White Stripe) REAR $ 381.38 Find a dealer
478.1030 MU85HB16 D402 WWW REAR $ 398.25 Find a dealer
478.29450 130/70-18 HB D402F $ 295.65 Find a dealer
478.3950 MH90-21 D402F ELITE2 HD BRANDED $ 255.15 Find a dealer
478.3953 MH90-21 D402F MWW ELITE2 HD BRANDED $ 268.65 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight