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Dunlop Tyre Stickers

Get the factory look with a set of these trick Dunlop tyre stickers. Super adhesive and easy to apply to sidewall of tyre. 1 sheet contains 4 stickers - enough for 1 bike.

NOTE: For best results, apply decal to clean, smooth surface of tyre sidewall.

The stickers are covered in a 'protective media' so the ideal way to apply is to follow this procedure:

  • Scissor the sheet into four stickers so can be handled individually.
  • Peel the sticker off the backing to expose the adhesive using the protective media, and apply without touching the adhesive surface.
  • Burnish onto the tyre with the protective media in place so the rubbing doesn't damage the sticker surface.
  • Peel off protective media and check to make sure all the sticker has conformed to and stuck to the shape of the tyre.


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