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FFM AgHat 2 ATV Helmet (51-61cm)

Forestry Shield & Ear Muff Accessories (sold separately)
Brim & Neck Curtain Accessories (sold separately)
Overhat (sold separately)
Flip-up Visor (sold separately)


  • Multi-fit ATV helmet: Adjustable from 51cm to 61cm
  • 3 Domes fitted to front for accessories (peaks and visors)
  • Peak supplied standard
  • Choice of 6 colours: White, Black, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Orange, ATV Red, & Limited Edition Safety Blue
  • Unimpeded visibility and hearing
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 590gm
  • Improved operation of Adjustor Wheel (still easy to tighten but more resistant to loosening)
  • DUAL SAFETY STANDARD: AS/NZS1801:1997 (Type 1) PLUS NZS 8600:2002 (ATV)
  • Softer, and more wickable material used on front brow of harness
  • Summer vented comfort pad for enhanced comfort
  • Winter comfort pad (non-vented) available as optional extra
  • Optional accessories: Overhat, Brim, Forestry Visor, Earmuffs (sold separately)


*See also the new larger size AgHat MAX ATV Safety Helmet! 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The high visibility materials used in the colouring of the fluoro yellow and fluoro orange helmets are prone to some fading with prolonged exposure to NZ's high UV sunlight. However, this does NOT compromise the safety of the AgHat 2.

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Stock information for FFM AgHat 2 ATV Helmet (51-61cm)

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
416.1010 AgHat2 ATV HELMET BLACK (33% disc for 6 or more) Close Out $ 149.51 Find a dealer
416.1020 AgHat2 ATV HELMET YELLOW FLUORO MULTI FIT $ 149.51 Find a dealer
416.2000 EARMUFF FR AGHAT 2728- Use #416.2001 when stk finished $ 94.30 Find a dealer
416.2020 AGHAT2 OVERHAT WITH NECK CURTAIN $ 85.89 Find a dealer
416.2025 AGHAT2 BRIM/NECK CURTAIN COMBO BLACK $ 51.80 Find a dealer
416.2027 AGHAT Crown Comfort Pad (winter, unvented) $ 8.95 Find a dealer
421.0350 BLK PEAK WTH FLIP UP VISOR ALSO FITS AGHAT2 $ 32.71 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight