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Helite Air Nest Airbag Vests

Air Nest Vest - Black
Air Nest Vest - Black
Hi-Vis Air Nest Vest - Inflated
Air Nest Vest - Inflated (front view)
Air Nest Vest - Inflated (rear view)

The Helite Air Nest Vest takes rider safety to a new level. Worn over the top of your existing jacket, the Helite motorcycle vest incorporates an innovative CE certified airbag system, whereby in the event of an accident, when the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the airbag vest instantly inflates (within 100 milliseconds) to protect the rider’s upper body.

The activation is simple and automatic, and very, very quick! A coiled wire attaches the motorcycle to the airbag vest. If the rider is abnormally separated from the motorcycle, the coiled wire triggers the release of CO2 gas to inflate the air cushions, protecting vulnerable parts of the upper body from serious injuries.

After airbag activation the vest deflates automatically after a few seconds. Once deflated, a new CO2 cartridge can be installed and the jacket is ready to be re-used. Practical, simple, effective – The Air Nest Vest is available in both Black and Hi-Vis in a range of sizes.

  • CE certified airbag protects in 100 milliseconds
  • KNOX CE certified semi-hard back protector
  • Inner textile 3D Air Mesh for comfort and ventilation
  • Freedom of movement
  • Discreet adjustable buckles to fit different jacket thickness
  • Easy, fast and strong fastening buckles
  • Available in Black (S, M, L, XL, LL, XLL) & Hi-Vis (M, L, XL, LL, XLL). SEE SIZE CHART BELOW.


Click HERE to watch the Helite Air Nest video. 

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 Helite AirNest Vest Size Chart

Stock information for Helite Air Nest Airbag Vests

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
338.0704 Airnest Vest Bllk Size 14yr old $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0705 Airnest Vest Bllk Size S $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0706 Airnest Vest Bllk Size M $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0707 Airnest Vest Bllk Size L $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0708 Airnest Vest Bllk Size XL $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0712 Airnest Vest Bllk Size LL $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0715 Airnest Vest Bllk Size XLL $ 845.16 Find a dealer
338.0725 Airnest Vest HiVis Size S $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0726 Airnest Vest HiVis Size M $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0727 Airnest Vest HiVis Size L $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0728 Airnest Vest HiVis Size XL $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0729 Airnest Vest HiVis Size LL $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0730 Airnest Vest HiVis Size XLL $ 945.12 Find a dealer
338.0732 Airnest C02 60cc Bottles $ 50.17 Find a dealer
338.0734 Airnest C02 100cc Bottles $ 43.04 Find a dealer
338.0736 Airnest Vest Equestrian Lanyard $ 59.98 Find a dealer
338.0737 Airnest Vest Motorcycle Lanyard $ 59.98 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight