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Metzeler RACETEC Rain - Racing NHS

NHS competition tyre designed for competing under rain


  • Latest generation of Silica compounds for faster warm-up, great water absorption ensuring great grip and traction
  • New stripe tread pattern (120/70R17, 180/55R17 & 190/60R17) designed for improved water drainage and contact feeling at all lean angles
  • Blocked tread pattern design (160/60R17 only), developed with a completely new specification and an updated compound ideal for use on Supermotos and ProTwins


PLEASE NOTE Due to the specialist nature of Superbike race slicks and wets and the lead time for supply out of Europe, these tyres are generally pre-ordered by sponsored riders. PLEASE PHONE FOR AVAILABILITY. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you order slicks and wets for the 2019 Summer race season BEFORE JULY 12 2018.


Recommended inflation pressures Rain Tyres:


  • Racetec Rain 120/75R420   34 psi (cold)    35 psi (hot)
  • Racetec Rain 120/70R17     34 psi (cold)    35 psi (hot)
  • Racetec Rain 160/60R17     28 psi (cold)    29 psi (hot)
  • Racetec Rain 190/60R17     28 psi (cold)    29 psi (hot)



Stock information for Metzeler RACETEC Rain - Racing NHS

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
476.1439 120/75R420 (16.5") RACETEC RAIN STRIPE K1 Supermoto $ 395.71 Find a dealer
476.4143 120/70-17R RACETEC RAIN STRIPE K1 closeout $ 395.71 Find a dealer
476.4822 160/60-17R RACETEC RAIN BLOCK K1 $ 481.53 Find a dealer
476.5668 180/55-17R RACETEC RAIN STRIPE K2 $ 511.02 Find a dealer
476.5835 190/60-17R RACETEC RAIN STRIPE K1 closeout $ 492.62 Find a dealer
476.5840 190/60-17R RACETEC RAIN STRIPE K2 closeout $ 492.62 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight