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Metzeler RACETEC SM - Supermoto

Specialised “Supermoto” tyre. The Official Tyre of AMA Supermoto National Championship.

  • Brand new compounds which are more adaptable to different racetrack conditions: progressive sliding with excellent traction
  • Carcass tuned for high predictability both on-road as well as off, with excellent self-damping
  • Profile re-designed for ease of Supermoto riding; quick direction changes and superior contact feeling and confidence in drift position


NOTE: Whilst generally readily available, please check for availability of race compounds during busy Summer race season. Tyres should be back-ordered BEFORE 13.07.18 to avoid disappointment.


Recommended inflation pressures for Racetec SM Slicks and Rain Tyres:

  • Racetec SM 125/75R420   23-26 psi (cold)   26-28 psi (hot)
  • Racetec SM 125/80R17     23-26 psi (cold)   26-28 psi (hot)
  • Racetec SM 165/55R17     22-23 psi (cold)   23-25 psi (hot)
  • Racetec Rain 120/70R17  34 psi (cold)   35 psi (hot)
  • Racetec Rain 160/60R17  28 psi (cold)   29 psi (hot)


Stock information for Metzeler RACETEC SM - Supermoto

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
476.0610 125/75R 420-16.5" RACETEC SM K1 FRONT $ 324.62 Find a dealer
476.4410 125/80-17R RACETEC SM K1 Closeout Special $ 340.32 Find a dealer
476.4412 125/75-17R RACETEC SM K1 $ 339.84 Find a dealer
476.5107 165/55-17R RACETEC SM K0 $ 336.92 Find a dealer
476.5108 165/55-17R RACETEC SM K1 $ 347.03 Find a dealer
476.5110 165/55-17R RACETEC SM K2 $ 360.91 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight