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Metzeler RACETEC RR - Race/Hypersport

Feel the RRace, feel the RRoad.

RACETEC™ RR earns its name from the Road Races. RR has been developed and put to the ultimate test with the winning teams and riders.


Road Races are one of the challenging racing activities, due to the combination of circuit length, speed, altitude, temperature variation and variety of tarmac.

RACETEC™ RR has been engineered to cope with all these different situations in just one race, providing unmatched durability and versatility.

  • Dual Compound rear
  • 'in brackets' (W) speed index on all compound specs
  • Racing grip all the time, thanks to compound versatility across a wider range of temperatures and tarmac surfaces
  • Performance consistency given until the last mile
  • Trajectory precision and high speed stability
  • DOT approved / road legal - can be used for NZ Supersport racing

Compounds: K1 (Soft), K2 (Medium), K3 (Hard/Street).

NOTE: Whilst readily available, please check for availability of race compounds during busy Summer race season. We recommend back-ordering tyres before 13.07.18 to avoid disappointment.



Front: 29-32 psi (cold), 30-35 psi (after warmers)

Rear: 23-26 psi (cold), 25-28 psi (after warmers)

NOTE: Tyre pressures as recommended by Metzeler for track usage. For street riding, please consult your motorcycle manufacturer's recommendations.


Stock information for Metzeler RACETEC RR - Race/Hypersport

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
476.4150 120/70-17ZR RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 338.97 Find a dealer
476.4155 120/70-17ZR RACETEC RR K2 MEDIUM $ 338.97 Find a dealer
476.4190 120/70-17ZR RACETEC RR K3 HARD $ 338.97 Find a dealer
476.4821 160/60-17R RACETEC RR K2 MEDIUM $ 367.35 Find a dealer
476.5645 180/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K2 MEDIUM $ 452.44 Find a dealer
476.5665 180/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K3 HARD $ 452.44 Find a dealer
476.5741 180/60-17ZR RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 471.15 Find a dealer
476.5742 180/60-17ZR RACETEC RR K2 MEDIUM $ 452.44 Find a dealer
476.5849 190/50-17ZR RACETEC RR K3 HARD $ 452.44 Find a dealer
476.5850 190/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K3 HARD $ 452.44 Find a dealer
476.58844 200/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 466.63 Find a dealer
476.58845 200/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K2 MEDIUM $ 481.92 Find a dealer
476.58846 200/55-17ZR RACETEC RR K3 HARD $ 466.63 Find a dealer
476.5932 110/80-18ZR RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 624.33 Find a dealer
476.6415 150/65-18R RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 795.15 Find a dealer
476.6550 160/60-18ZR RACETEC RR K1 SOFT $ 803.25 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight