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OPTIMATE - Battery Chargers

OptiMate 1 Duo - Battery Charger (Bronze)

OptiMate 2 Duo - Battery Charger (Bronze)

OptiMate 2 Duo x 2 Bank - Battery Charger (Bronze)

OptiMate 2 Duo x 4 Bank - Battery Charger (Bronze)

OptiMate 4 Quad Program - Battery Charger (Gold)

OptiMate 6 Ampmatic - Battery Charger (Silver)

OptiMate CABLE O-01 - Weatherproof battery lead

OptiMate CABLE O-02 - Adaptor SAE to Car/Bike Plug

OptiMate CABLE O-03 - Adaptor Extender, 5 Amp, 180cm

OptiMate CABLE O-09 - Adapter-extender

OptiMate CABLE O-13 - Charger Lead Extender

OptiMate CABLE O-20 - Weatherproof SAE socket, front panel mount

OptiMate CABLE O-40 - Weatherproof SAE socket, panel mount

OptiMate CABLE O-53 - Heavy Duty Extender

OptiMate CABLE O-77 - Adapter, EURO5 to SAE

OptiMate Lithium 4s 0.8A - Battery Charger (Lithium)

OptiMate Lithium 4s 6A - Battery Charger (Lithium)

OptiMate MONITOR O-125 - Adaptor w/ Monitor

OptiMate TEST - State of Charge Tester

OptiMate USB O-100 - Smart 2400mA USB Charger/Monitor

OptiMate USB O-105 - Smart 3300mA USB Charger,

OptiMate USB O-108KIT - Smart in-line 3300mA USB Charger Kit

OptiMate USB O-115 - 3300mA Dual Output USB Charger

OptiMate USB O-118 - Smart in-line 3300mA USB-C Charger