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EK Chains - 530 Pitch


Non-Sealed Standard and HD:
EK’s Standard and Heavy Duty non-sealed chains are manufactured to meet strict quality control requirements. For general purpose use on small capacity motorcycles.
Chain Code - Standard 420, 428, 530, 630
Chain Code - Heavy Duty 415SH, 420DEH, 428DEH, 520H, 525H, 530H

Non-Sealed MX & Road Race:
All EK’s Motocross and road race chains utilise their CRH pin treatment which provides an extremely hard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear.
Chain Code - 415SHDR, 420SGH, 428SHDR, 520MRD7

Non-Sealed Drag Race:
EK has been known as the “legend of drag racing chains”. In the drag racing community, EK is the only reliable choice for serious racers who desire to break records in any class. When it comes to drag racing, no other chain manufacturer can match EK’s record for dependability and strength.
Chain Code - 530DR2, 530DRZ2, 630MS, 630SHB, 630SHBZ

O Ring:
The SRO series offer a value priced O-Ring chain that will not comprimise on quality or durability. Features include lightening holes*, high-tech heat-treated steel alloys and the same quality and craftsmanship that EK puts into their entire product line. *420SRO and 428SROZ do not utilise lightening holes.
Chain Code - 420SRO, 428SROZ, 520SRO6, 525SROZ2, 630SRO

QX Ring:
EK’s QX-Ring series offers a range of chains from 250cc to 1000cc street and offroad bikes. From the price concious DEX to the premium SRX2 and the high performance of the MVXZ and RR, features include lightening holes*, reduced friction and Quadra X-Ring design which increases chain life from 1.5 to 2 times longer than a standard O-Ring. *DEX does not utilise lightening holes.
Chain Code - 520DEX, 520SRX2, 520MVXZ2, 520RR, 525SRX2, 530SRX2

NX Ring:
The pinnacle of chain technology, using EK’s most recent development, the NX Ring ZVX3 series chain is 15% more durable than the previous ZVX series chain and easily surpasses every other brand in tensile strength.
Chain Code - 525ZVX3, 530ZVX3

SX Ring:
The slimmest profile of EK’s X-ring designs, the SX-Ring enables the construction of the narrowest of EK’s chains the RR/SM with models for both Road and Off-Road. Replacing the popular RXO series chains the RR/SM is the top of the heap for sealed race chains.


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Stock information for EK Chains - 530 Pitch

Product #DescriptionRRP * Dealer
EK530114 #EK 530- 114 STANDARD CHAIN SPJ $ 49.95 Find a dealer
EK530DEX114 EK 530DEX- 114 STANDARD CHAIN SPJ $ 49.95 Find a dealer
EK530DEX120 EK 530DEX 120L Steel $ 159.95 Find a dealer
EK530DRZ2180 EK 530-DRZ2 180 DRACE 300HP SKJ $ 379.95 Find a dealer
EK530MVXZ2120G EK 530MV-XZ2(GP;GP) 120L Gold $ 215.95 Find a dealer
EK530RRSM120C EK 530-RRSM 120 NW XRING CHRO MLJ $ 269.95 Find a dealer
EK530SROZ2114 EK 530-SROZ2 114 HDUTY O-RING MLJ $ 179.95 Find a dealer
EK530SROZ2116 EK 530-SROZ2 116 HDUTY O-RING MLJ $ 189.95 Find a dealer
EK530SRX2G114 EK 530-SRX2 114 QX-RING #GOLD MLJ $ 209.95 Find a dealer

* including g.s.t. but excluding freight charges if any
** excluding g.s.t. and freight